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 I would like to share a heartfelt update about our shop's current situation.Today I am reaching out to let you know that despite our best efforts, the financial strain on our cherished business has reached a critical point. My family and I have poured everything into this dream. The vision of Screws and Sparkles and the vision for Downtown Buckeyes revitalization has been the driving force behind all that I do. I have tried everything I could over the last 5 1/2 years to bring life to downtown and provide a platform for family owned business in an effort to help the community thrive, but without immediate financial assistance, we will need to close permanently.

Many of you are aware that my family dynamic has changed...I have changed... and my parents need me at this time. I have managed and operated Screws and Sparkles by myself and worn many hats over the years happily. I have given the community everything I have and I have loved being able to help you all reach your dreams.There is nothing I love more! But I am not able to do so by myself any more. 

Your continued patronage and support have been instrumental in making Screws and Sparkles a cherished part of Downtown Buckeye. In this critical moment, I am turning to the community. It is a risk, it is incredibly vulnerable (not my strong point) but my love for it has compelled me to ask the community for the help that we need. We need a financial miracle.  

Our commitment to both our community and the revitalization of downtown is deeply rooted in faith and hard work. We trust that with your support, we can continue to do the work that we have started ensuring our presence downtown remains a symbol of resilience and unity. In addition to financial support I am calling on the faith leaders and prayer warriors in the community to stand with me through this process.


With your support we will open our online storefront, purchase marketing materials, consolidate debt, and hire much needed full time staff. Our goal is $250,000 by 2/28. There is a core team in place that will help receive your gift and manage it successfully. We will continue to work hard in store to help meet the overall need by hosting special fundraising opportunities, silent auctions and more. Every increased purchase,donation or word of support will help us reach our goal. By faith we have been able to do all that we have done, and I am immensely thankful for everyone who contributes to this shared journey.


You can donate online by selecting a gift option, or donate in person if you do not see your preferred gift listed.


With love,


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