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I remember being at a vendor at a market years ago with all three of my kids, my furniture, and a dream that I would be able to help provide for my family. I woke up early, set up my space and waited for customers to arrive. Mid day, the sun was getting warmer, the wind picked up and I soon realized I was going to have to pack up all my things and head home. Discouraged, I took a break and walked over to check out another vendors space. She too was a mom selling her handmade items and hoping for the best.We chatted a bit and both agreed we would be happy to break even. As I walked away I started thinking there were probably more moms like us feeling the same way. That was the day a seed was planted in my heart for a new kind of storefront. And I decided that one day I would open a shop for moms like myself. Moms who wanted to stay at home with their babies but still financially contribute. Moms who were creative and resourceful like I was, finding ways to stretch a dollar and doing it with style. Moms who were willing to do the work but just needed some help. I needed to create what I needed.

I used to walk around the neighborhood and pick up people's trash they left on curb. A coffee table or a chair with life still in it, and I would place it on top of stroller and roll it home. After making kids lunch and putting them down for a nap, I would eat that cold leftover mac and cheese, put my music on and paint the furniture I just brought home. I loved the idea of turning something that was trash into a treasure and thats how Screws and Sparkles started almost 10 years ago. You could imagine the emotions that I feel standing in front of this beautiful historic building that we are getting ready to open. I remember the market I first showed up at. I remember being brave and scared all together, and most importantly I remember the dream I held onto. This summer, we will open a beautiful storefront filled with amazing, hardworking local creatives who are bringing their best to Buckeye. Screws and Sparkles is more than a's a dream in action and on behalf of my family and all families represented here...we thank you for your support. See you in July,


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So glad you had that vision years ago!

Me gusta

Joe Perez
Joe Perez
27 may 2022

We can’t wait!

Me gusta
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