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More than a Shop ❤

When I was a kid my dad would have yard sales pretty regularly.

I remember once waiting for people to stop by and thinking, "If I group this together maybe it would look better." So my little 10 year old self got up and started putting like items together. I put a vase and some trinkets on a table and when someone pulled up, they bought it! I remember being so proud of myself because I made it look pretty and it sold.

My dad would tell me, "Sophia it's just a yard sale!" but to me it was more than that. Decorating meant something to me and in my mind those Saturday mornings meant I had my own shop for a few hours.

Of course now at my age I know those are called vignettes. Moments in decor that bring a group of items together to create a style, statement and even mood. I always lean into the how I want people to feel and it guides me every time.

This holiday shop is our fourth one here at Screws and Sparkles and was absolutely the most challenging. It took me a few days to get it right...the look,, the feel...but now I'm certain you will absolutely love it.

I found myself lost in the moment as I was displaying everything just remembering those yard sale days. The smiling faces of a customer when they would say, "I love this! I'll take it!" make me smile and I still get as happy as I did when I was just a little girl.

I hope you find yourself feeling an extra bit of happiness when you walk through the doors or Screws and Sparkles. We're a small but mighty shop full of some incredible makers and artists. My hope is that you don't just find a gift you love or a home decor piece you need, but you leave with a feeling of inspiration and joy that you carry home to your family

November 7th the fun starts for us here at Screws and Sparkles, and we invite you to come in an see what's new.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours...let's get this party started.

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